Sound future: iFrogz wireless

The sub-$50 iFrogz Impulse Duo Wireless and InTone Wireless earbuds, introduced here, have spent the last month (+) stuffed into my earholes. While there, these earbuds provided hours of listening enjoyment as well as being an integral part of a few hands-free phone calls.  Now, it’s time to find out how well these earbuds performed. …


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iFrogz launches 4 wallet-friendly headphones

Straight out of Utah, iFrogz, the company known for its Apple audio accessories and phone cases, just launched a new lineup of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Priced between $29.99 and $39.99, iFrogz is expanding its presence in the affordable wireless headphone market. Let’s check out the new offerings, shall we? Impulse Wireless Earbuds $39.99 Reflective Acoustics … Continue reading iFrogz launches 4 wallet-friendly headphones